The Fresno County Sheriff's 
Search and Rescue Mountaineering Team

Last Mission: Mutual Aid to assist Butte County in searching homes in neighborhoods devastated by the Camp Fire
November 8th, 2018

The Camp Fire is the most devastating wildfire to affect California in many years, located in and around the village of Paradise. Once started, high winds drove this fire directly into Paradise, leaving little time for residents to evacuate. Many perished in their homes, while others were displaced.
Fresno SAR teams have been working in the area since the fire began to locate loved ones who may have perished within their homes. Their hope that that this information about their loved one's status may sooth a soul and bring closure to the families.
The members of Fresno Search & Rescue are all volunteers who each have thousands of personal dollars spent on equipment, training and certification, all in an effort to serve their community.
We are most grateful for donations to our team to help defray the enormous costs of mounting a search and equipping our members with the correct equipment to accomplish their goals.

Thank you for your generous donations to our team! We are a 501(c)(3) corporation and your donations are tax deductible.

A local channel, ABC30, had this nice article about the search team's effort to recover the lost

Here's a video about one of our team's experiences working on the Camp Fire.

Several of our teammates on their way to the Butte County SAR had their vehicles broken into, resulting in considerable loss of personal equipment.

Mission Statement

"To provide highly skilled and dedicated volunteers to assist the Fresno County Sheriff's Office and other agencies requesting mutual aid in search and rescue operations."

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