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Huntington Lake Man Found

posted Apr 13, 2021, 6:28 PM by Ray Bloch   [ updated Apr 13, 2021, 6:28 PM ]
Search and Rescue Team Finds Missing Elderly Man Deceased
Around 12:15 pm on Saturday, ground search teams found a deceased person who was later identified as 84 year old Augusto Zarate of Yorba Linda, CA.  This was in a remote wooded area east of Huntington Lake.  It is located about one mile away from the cabin where Mr. Zarate had been staying.  A cause of death has not been determined.  There was no visible trauma to his body when he was discovered in the wilderness.
50 members of SAR were assigned to this mission.  The Fresno County Sheriff's Office would like to thank assisting agencies for their help.  They included:
Tulare County Sheriff's Office
Madera County Sheriff's Office
Kern County Sheriff's Office
Monterey County Sheriff's Office
California Rescue Dog Association
California State Office of Emergency Services
California Army National Guard
***Information below was released on April 6th***
84 year old Augusto Zarate was last seen on April 5th between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.  He has been vacationing in an area with cabins in Huntington Lake.  This is located near Regatta Vista Lane and Huntington Vista Road.  He is not from the area, so he is not familiar with the terrain.
Approximately 30 members of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) team looked for him Monday night, but could not find any clues.  Today we continue to search.  We have deployed resources such as ground searchers, canines, helicopters, drones and jeeps.
Zarate is 5’4”, 140 lbs. with white hair.  He was last seen wearing a dark blue flannel shirt, a dark blue Nike hat and black shoes.  He is also carrying a walking cane.  He is known to get disoriented, so it is difficult to guess where he might go.