SAR WildRun is our Mountaineer fundraising effort that we put on once a year. If you are a runner, or even enjoy a beautiful walk in the woods, you can support our team by signing up for the SAR WildRun or volunteering during that event.

We hold the SAR WildRun each year in the beautiful mountain community of Shaver Lake, California. Shaver Lake is home to a wonderful fishing and boating lake at 5,000 feet of altitude in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains.

Our SAR team spends the springtime and part of the summer clearing trails of debris like fallen trees, overgrown vegetation, etc., so that you can have a safe running path. We clear a half-marathon, 10k, 5k, and 2-mile trails. Over the past ten years, we have carved out a nice area where everyone can gather prior to and after their race. We serve lunch and beverages for all the runners and for an extra fee, your families, too. We have plenty of parking near the run and also operate shuttle busses from Shaver Lake.

We encourage you to look into staying in the area, enjoying your run and recreating with your families in town and on the lake.

Through this SAR WildRun, thank you for supporting our team and it's mission to save lives!